The Angelico Family Group Text - Anthony Spills

  • Dad: First one to name the hotel on Lake Wawasee wins.
  • Anthony: Wins what?
  • Ellen: That is a very important question, Anthony. Good job.
  • Ellen: It's the Oakwood Resort! I win.
  • Anthony: How do you win that easy?
  • Ellen: Because I said the name of the hotel. All you did is ask what the prize was.
  • Anthony: Hey, Dad, spilled ketchup on my pants. Did you pack a spare?
  • Dad: The prize is a million dollars.
  • Ellen: Or possibly an iPad?
  • Dad: As soon as I get my new tablet computer, you can have my iPad.
  • Ellen: Awesome. Thanks, Dad!
  • Anthony: Hey, spilled pants over here.
  • Dad: Try rubbing it with cold water and a wash cloth. Take them off and let them dry.
  • Anthony: Did you bring a spare set of my pants?
  • Dad: Nope.
  • Anthony: Oh man.
  • Anthony: Should I put on my PJ's?
  • Gabby: You guys are insane.
  • Anthony: Hey, hello, spilled pants, not getting any younger.
  • Dad: Change into your PJ's and wash your pants for tomorrow.
  • Gabby: Just don't wear any pants.
  • Ellen: Maybe if you just put more ketchup all over your pants it will match the stain.

Texts from @gabrielleangelico. Turns out mom did not win a cruise, in fact.

The Angelico Family Group Text - Advice from Anthony

  • Gabby: My sinus infection is making it hard to study for my finance test.
  • Anthony: Read a little, then blow your nose.

The Angelico Family Group Text - Computers

  • Ellen: I updated my Mac to OS X Mavericks (10.9) and now I'm texting you all from my computer!
  • Mom: Wow.
  • Dad: ??
  • Gabby: I've been a waste of space today. I studied some finance and slept.
  • Dad: Download Mavericks 10.9.
  • Gabby: I need to get my computer fixed because I accidentally uninstalled everything like a year ago.
  • Ellen: I don't know how you guys manage to use computers without me.
  • Dad: We don't.

The Angelico Family Group Text - Home for the Holidays

  • Anthony: Hey Ellen, I'm ready for you to come home.
  • Gabby: What about me?
  • Ellen: I'm ready too, buddy! See you tomorrow!
  • Anthony: Yep, we got the whole Friday in our hands.
  • Gabby: WHAT ABOUT ME?
  • Ellen: Except for your final, bud, don't forget about that.
  • Anthony: No, I exempted my 10th period class.
  • Mom: Yup, he's off on Friday now.
  • Ellen: Huh. All of Friday to us!
  • Gabby: WHAT
  • Gabby: ABOUT
  • Gabby: ME

The Angelico Family Group Text - Siblings

  • Gabby: Thinking about buying an audiobook for the drive home. Any suggestions?
  • Anthony: I have one. How about Jaws?
  • Gabby: I'll think about it. Anthony, are you watching Shark Week?
  • Anthony: No.
  • Gabby: Too bad. If you watch the Discovery Channel, they will be playing shark shows all week.
  • Anthony: Thanks for the tip. I need some help building a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon. It contains 1,000 pieces.
  • Gabby: I will not help with that.
  • Anthony: Please, Gabby. Dad is going to be gone in Colombia.
  • Gabby: I know. I will not help with that.
  • Anthony: Please.
  • Gabby: Maybe you can stay in Put-In-Bay with Ellen instead. She'd love to help.
  • Anthony: Stop kidding around, I'm serious.
  • Gabby: Anthony, I refuse to help you build that Lego model. If I help you I will inevitably kill you.
  • Anthony: Ellen, help me. Gabby won't help on a Lego project that I'm getting in the mail on Wednesday.
  • Ellen: Buddy, I'm still going to be in Ohio. You're going to have to find a way to come to me, or do it yourself.
  • Anthony: I can't believe you. Thought you loved me but it turns out you don't.
  • Gabby: Maybe dad can build it in Colombia.
  • Anthony: That is just a low blow.

The Angelico Family Group Text - Internal Medicine

  • Gabby: Been in bed since 11 today, feeling better but still not hungry. And still tired!
  • Mom: I am so sorry! Maybe you have MERS, the new flu strain.
  • Gabby: Maybe I have MRSA.
  • Ellen: Probably SARS.
  • Gabby: I'm actually leaning toward a small alien fetus inside me that's eating my stomach lining.
  • Mom: Good to know you haven't lost your sense of humor!
  • Dad: Unless she's serious.

The Angelico Family Group Text - Job Woes

  • Mom: You have to trust yourself and the universe. I try not to operate out of fear. If you did this, it will lead to where you are supposed to be.
  • Gabby: Confucius mama
  • Dad: Listen to her, grasshopper.
  • Me: How did you get so smart, Mom?
  • Dad: I taught her! It's taken me over 25 years.

The Angelico Family Group Text - International Travel

  • Dad: Just found out I can IM with the iPad. Hello from Quito. Miss you all, really miss Mary!
  • Mom: Shush, Downton Abbey is on.